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We at Yamase Holdings want to run alongside trailblazers

Those who stay true to themselves through challenges, after shedding blood, sweat, and tears are truly amazing, truly beautiful, and truly dazzling. We only live once. The one thing money can’t buy—time—may be the most precious thing in the world. We all reach the end at some point. What matters is how you use your time getting there, how you live life with no “undo” button.
We want to support those with unwavering passion to shine their soul into life. We want to walk together. We want to celebrate together. We want to cry together. We want to vex together. We want to reflect together. Yamase Holdings wants to use investment and seed funding to build a true partnership with entrepreneurs and make dreams a reality.

Our Philosophy

Be fastidious about profits

The bottom line is a very valuable number for business. While it is an important factor in determining value of the company, business must be sustainable. Along with results, the process of what, how, and who yields profit is very important. The process allows you to see what results do not—how the company adheres to principles, its contribution to society, and potential for growth. Especially, a company’s principles define a company’s existence for society. If profits were the sole goal of companies, society would be a very boring place.

Don’t aim for Number One,
aim for Only One

“Red Ocean”. It’s a concept with negative connotations meaning there are many contenders in the market. However, recently there is a lot of spill-over of services and products from various markets, so much that it’s often unclear who exactly is a contender. Instead of vying for number one among the perceived contenders, aim to be useful to society and consumers, aim to be irreplaceable, the only one. Rather than being overly conscious of the competition, we want you to believe in your worth, to maximize your worth as the only one.

Build a team you can be proud of

Credibility is hard to earn but easy to lose. Often we ourselves are our biggest enemies. Inflating sales records ever so slightly when we fail to meet goals by an inch, embezzling money with the intention to “borrow” until payday, falsifying numbers to make performance look better, stalker-like behavior as a result of overzealousness, etc. can happen to the best of us. In order to not let anyone cross the thin line between ethical and unethical behavior, to prevent mistakes as much as possible, we give our best to educate our entrepreneurs to live life seriously, sincerely, and steadily, to think about every team member’s happiness, to have strength to fight ones’ own demons.

Take on many small challenges

With the exception of industries such as railways and aviation that must focus on safety above all, all industries thrive under challenging conditions, by proactively changing. As the old saying goes “offense is the best defense”. Making changes equals taking risk and the first step may be difficult, but not moving at all is also a big risk. We are believers in a quick PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check, and Act small, and work fast to repeat the cycle. We want to work with those that make small, quick steps and learn from any missteps, rebounding to take on more challenges.

Attention to service and details

In the pre-internet age, it was easy for businesses and service providers to control the flow of information. In this Internet Age where information sharing is hard to control, number of people that mindlessly follow the media have declined. Almost anything can be easily researched with one click, and word of mouth can spread faster than ever. As a result, truth and not-quite-the-truth is easily accessible. To thrive in this kind of world, we want to offer services and products produced with meticulous attention to detail, and speak for themselves.

Constantly revamp creativity
and innovation

The Western world and Japan are already developed, with little need for consumer need-oriented products. Instead of providing for needs, we encourage services aimed at wants. We want to make people say “amazing”, “intriguing”, “so cool”, “mind-blowing”, “cute”, “fascinating” at first look. We want to introduce our highly developed world to products and services that people have not even thought of before, that revolutionize our society, that offer experiences that no one has experienced before.

Do only what you can be proud of

Companies need to make a profit to survive, but putting profits first is bound to lead the business into the gray zone, beyond a fine line towards negative impact on society. Instead of just profitability, we consider if the business is something you can proudly talk about to your children, relatives, siblings, or friends as an important evaluation criteria. We want to build companies that will have a positive impact on society.

No one wins alone

Industries are now expanding faster than ever before, and it’s getting more and more difficult for a single company to achieve success by itself. To be successful, it’s necessary to work with many different players. In this kind of environment, the stance of putting one’s own profit before everyone else is a surefire recipe for disaster. A business plan that leads to fewer smiles cannot bear fruit for long. We aim for long-lasting success and growth, with a plan that makes all stakeholders happy, from affiliated companies to employees to everyone involved.

Mission & Vision

An innovation catalyst

Our role is to provide companies in the initial seed stage with funds, support, and knowledge to bring forth new experiences and stimuli, create value, and make our world a better, more fun place.
Specifically, we cultivate two types of business models depending on the market: stock-type plan that brings in steady profits, or a high-risk high-yield scale-type models. The first one is for large legacy-type markets that will continue to exist and be large, despite periods of shrinkage such as food and drink industry, office space, music, and other industries supporting everyday life. Other is for pioneering technology industries such as IT, bioscience, etc. with brand-new markets. By strategically applying each business model as needed, we aim to develop corporations that have stability and growth.


Consolidating companies and offering planning and management, venture foundation, investing in and developing startups in seed stage.

Purpose of investment

Investment can serve to either build intragroup enterprises, or simply provide funding with purpose of exiting later. In the case of developing intragroup enterprises to improve portfolios, 50% of shares are bought as a corporation to raise group synergy. In the case of enterprises outside the group, less than 50% of shares are invested in, with the ultimate goal of selling the enterprise to a third party or going public. In the latter case, generally 1 million to 20 million yen per startup in the initial seed stage is provided.

Group Portfolio

  • Independent, new choices for businesses, co-working space, shared working space, community space to lead you to success

  • The music video platform for artists using the official iPhone and Android apps and music event producer in Japan.

  • Creating artists with a revolutionary, novel method, a music label that is bringing about a paradigm shift for the music industry



Make dreams a reality

  • startup,
    small business,
  • artists,
  • musicians,
  • Taking enjoyment of food to the next level. Creating a “fun theater” with customers to bring forth a new style of restaurant.

Corporate Profile

Name Yamase Holdings Inc.
Address 1-5-6-5F,
Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 102-0074 Japan
Phone number +81-3-6380-8466
URL http://www.yamase-hd.co.jp/
Founded April, 2013
Capital 10 million yen (Sep, 2014)
CEO Akihiro Yamase
Stock holder Akihiro Yamase
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.,
Resona Bank,Ltd
Other company KDDI Web Communications Inc.
(Stock holder: KDDI Corp.
Akihiro Yamase)

Group companies

  • Knowledge Society Inc.

    Stock holder Yamase Holdings Inc.
    Atushi Hisada
    Officer CEO: Akihiro Yamase
    COO: Atsushi Hisada
  • upLive inc.

    Stock holder Yamase Holdings Inc.
    Officer CEO: Akihiro Yamase
  • Peace Voice Entertainment Inc.

    Stock holder Yamase Holdings Inc.
    Officer CEO: Akihiro Yamase
  • Odeocreation Inc.

    Stock holder Yamase Holdings Inc.
    Akinori Minami
    Officer CEO: Akihiro Yamase
    COO: Akinori Minami


Akihiro Yamase


1990Founded a company at age 27, when the economic bubble collapsed

1990〜1997Attempted to venture into marketing/consulting, HR industry, trading industry, sales, etc. but none took off

1997Started internet hosting business at age 34, which grew along with growth of the internet

2007Met KDDI Corporation’s CEO Mr. Tanaka at age 44, and entered KDDI Corporation.’s subsidiary company.

2013Retired as CEO of KDDI Web Communications Inc., 16 years after establishing it at age 50. At the same time, founded Yamase Holdings (CEO) and Knowledge Society (CEO).

2014Founded Gadget Garage (CEO), and Peace Voice (CEO) at age 51.

2015Founded Odeocreation (CEO) at age 52.

2016Founded upLive (CEO) at age 53.

Visual identity


We want to implement a business model where shareholders, employees, and management—all stakeholders are in a happy environment, cheering each other on with a peace sign.

Ultimately that peace sign becomes a sign for victory. Using this imagery, we used the letter Y of Yamase Group as a symbol to design our logo.

This logo represents all affiliated companies in the Yamase Holdings group, changing in color with each company.

This is a novel business model that no one has tested before so inevitably there is some risk involved, but if you’re like us and think that challenges are worth taking on precisely because no one else has dared to, come join us. What we’re doing will undoubtedly change Japanese society for the better, and society will have to acknowledge us sooner or later. We’re looking for people that have their sights set high and are willing to take risks to make dreams a reality. Please contact us below to apply:

  • Want to support musicians

  • Want to support entrepreneurs and freelancers

  • Want to support hardware technology startups

  • Want to build a restaurant with a brand new concept

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